About Volvo Truck


VPL Limited is one of the leading suppliers of Volvo Premium Rigid Trucks and Prime Movers in Pakistan. These heavy haulage vehicles are solid Volvo machines that come with all the promises of the Volvo brand - a name that is known in more places than any other truck brand worldwide.

Volvo’s claim that it “Drives Progress” is substantiated with every drop, decibel and degree. We only compete with ourselves by pushing, questioning, testing and challenging norms to make constant improvements in our trucks as they keep evolving towards greater reliability, better fuel efficiency, better uptime and higher performance as compared with previous models.

When you factor in all the discoveries, patterns and improvements that are built into every Volvo truck, and multiply them with the distances that the trucks travel, the advantages lead up to leadership, safety, quality and environmental care.

Furthermore, at VPL, our product planning originates from the need assessment of customers so where, on the one hand this process evolves into an optimal and tangible product for them, it also translates into long term intangible benefits of fuel economy and extraordinary product life.

We help our customers fight for every fraction and margin that leads up to greater profits and progress for them because at Volvo, we are truly fueled and powered by our Customers’ satisfaction.


VPL has an impressive product line of prime movers and rigid trucks built for the toughest terrains and weather conditions surrounding the robust vehicles.
Whether the moveable goods are coal and fuel, which need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment, or excessively heavy limestone, that needs to be transported for roadbeds, building and landscape construction, a Volvo truck owner/ operator can rest assured with confidence that the job will be done and that it will be done well!

Main Features of Volvo Product Offerings

  • All Volvo Euro III engines are built with the latest engine technology and come with Electronically managed systems (EMS) that are equipped with high pressure unit fuel injectors ensuring excellent fuel economy and reliability.
  • Auxiliary Braking Systems (EPG VEB and VEB+) are available that help in reducing the wear and tear of the service brake system components.
  • Volvo’s patented engine brake (VEB) and the upgraded VEB+ are ideal for both long-haul traffic and heavy construction duties.
  • The intelligent Shift Transmission (I-Shift) - Automated gear changing option is the best in class fuel economy. (optional feature)
  • The trucks feature reinforced chassis and Heavy Duty T-Ride Suspension.
  • Radiator screens are provided as standard.
  • The Bogie Lift feature is available in the 6 x 2 Prime Movers.
  • The propellor shafts are sturdy and maintenance-free.
  • Volvos’ rear axles are built for high engine torque high axle loads and high gross combination weights.

  • Volvo trucks are equipped with the ideal rear axle ratio for best fuel economy.
  • The Volvo air-conditioned Cab offers the best in class comfort active and passive safety features (complying with European regulations) and a modern look. The aero-dynamic and wider sleeper cabin also offers extra storage bunk capacity.
  • The trucks offer hub reduction and extended oil change intervals (upto 20
  • 000 kms)
  • The trucks feature three-piece sturdy bumpers with integrated towing beams skid-plates and foot-steps.
  • Telematic Preparation Kits are available as a standard feature.
  • Various other body builder options are available for reducing the wheel time at the body builders. (Rigid Trucks)
  • Imported fifth Wheels (Jost) and imported tyres (Michelin and Bridgestone) are available.
  • Volvo offers Warranty terms of 1+1 years or max 200000 kms.


At Volvo, we thrive on the philosophy of “Customer First” where we value our customers by providing them with the best pre and after sale services in the Industry. Our aim is to achieve industry leading customer satisfaction, which is reflected in each step of the relationship building process with our clients.

Our Customer Support Areas (Sale and After Sale) include:

Our strong after sale support includes operator/ driver trainings to help them make the best use of newly acquired vehicles. The idea is to familiarize drivers/ operators with the latest technologies and features available to them in the trucks so that the vehicles run smoothly and perform to their standard.

Our professional trainers are available to train your operators in-house and on the site. This training is provided each time there is a change in the operator. The training covers the following aspects:

➢ General orientation of equipment and its displays
➢ Safe operating procedures
➢ Daily walk around procedures

Aided with extensive product knowledge and experience, we help our customers in identifying and deciding to opt for the best vehicles for them based on their unique product and performance needs.

Based on our customers’ unique preferences, our Application Engineers are trained for providing customized product features and solutions in the trucks so that our customers are delighted with the end-product.

We understand that equipment has to be best suited for its application as its incorrect use may result in excessive fuel consumption and consequently higher operating costs; it may also lead to accidents.

To ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate, economical and safe solutions, our Application Engineering team also conducts on-site studies and provides technical recommendations on equipment selection.

We make honest and earnest efforts to serve our customers with feasibility assistance that is fully  commensurate with their product requirements.

Technical trainings are an integral part of the value added services that we provide to our customers on a need basis. Our expert engineers work out technical workshop modules suited to individual customer requirements.

Customer Support Commitment

VPL supports all its products through dedicated aftermarket teams. Most repairs are carried out at the work site; major repairs may require that equipment is brought to one of VPL’s workshops

We have Warehouses in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for a steady supply of parts for the customers.

Our Action Service Teams are at the ready to respond to emergent calls from our customers for dealing with various issues like breakdowns and parts replacements that are workable on site. Our mobile workshops are sent to the sites of incidents in a reasonable time from the closest workshop location to resolve the issues at hand quickly and efficiently.

  • Inspection Agreements
  • Scheduled Maintenance Agreements
  • Repair & Maintenance Agreements
  • Visit based Agreements
  • Overhauls and Re manufacturing Programmers
  • Data downloads

Success Stories

At VPL, we believe that success is a function of product quality and the ability to give customers value for their money, and since our products and services have always been at the top of the game, we can proudly announce that success comes to us naturally.

Our Trucks Unit has achieved the following milestones to mark its place among the leaders in the premium European Trucks Market in Pakistan.

  • We delivered 45 units of Volvo FM 400 6 x 2 TT Prime Movers to HASCOL for the transportation of petroleum products.
  • We delivered 40 units of Volvo FMX 400 6 x 4 Dump Trucks to CGGC for the construction of dams for energy projects.
  • We delivered 40 units of Volvo FMX 400 6 x 4 Dump Trucks to FWO for a Motorway Project.