Vision and Mission

Our Brand Promise

VPL’s brand promise involves safe and customer focused operations. Our resolve is to understand in detail what really drives our customers’ businesses to establish the values, needs and challenges pertinent to them, so that we can provide the most plausible product and service solutions that meet those needs efficaciously.

We fulfill our brand promise through a value based system that pivots on the potential of monetary value creation for our customers via their investment in our products and services.


To be the leading provider of transport and infrastructure products and services in Pakistan


Driving success through industry leading products and services in road transport, construction and mining sectors.

We create value by providing best in class trucks, buses, construction & mining equipment along with comprehensive services and innovative solutions that enhance our customers productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

Our focus is on growth and sustainability while enabling mobility that is beneficial for society and the environment.

Our People, Our Brand

Our understanding and value for employees is built on the idea that they build our brand and take ownership for it, so they are our brand. This is why we invest ardently in the training and development of employees and make sure that their voice of reason is heard and incorporated into best company practices.

Our recruitment process involves the selection of the best candidates for each job and making sure that they are motivated according to their intrinsic or extrinsic expectations towards job enrichment and advancement in the organization.