Sandvik Mining Equipment
As a world-leading mining equipment manufacturer and global engineering group with 43,000 employees, Sandvik has remained committed to developing the most advanced engineering solutions that add value to construction and excavation related businesses worldwide.

The company was founded in 1862 by Goran Fredrik Goransson who was the first in the world to succeed in using the Bessemer method for steel production on an industrial scale. At an early stage, the operations of the company were focused on high quality and value addition, investments in R&D, close contact with customers and exports. This is a strategy that has remained unchanged through the years at Sandvik.

In 1972, the name of the company was changed to Sandvik AB, and in 1984, a new type of organization was introduced, with a single parent company and separate business areas.

Represented exclusively by VPL Limited in Pakistan, SMRT offers a comprehensive range of tools, equipment, services and technical solutions for mining and rock excavation covering rock drilling, cutting, crushing and screening, loading and hauling, tunneling, quarrying, breaking and demolition.

No matter the terrain, material or ground hardness, in sync with Volvo’s work ethos, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology products provide customers with maximum value in terms of performance, quality, safety, flexibility and total economy.


Whether you need to excavate, transport or process ore, rock or overburden more efficiently, the extensive product range of Sandvik provides cutting-edge surface and underground mining equipment that is designed to increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

The product range in Pakistan includes

Sandvik top hammer drill rigs are equipped with powerful hydraulic rock drills that offer high penetration rates, reliability, and excellent fuel economy. These diesel-powered rigs represent the industry’s leading range, from lightweight rubber-tire drills to the most powerful production drills available.

  • Sandvik surface top hammer drill rigs are renowned for their exceptional reliability even in the toughest working conditions.
  • They ensure excellent fuel economy and low operating costs.
  • These diesel-powered, self-propelled drill rigs are designed and fully equipped to provide your staff with the highest levels of comfort and safety.

Sandvik Surface down-the-hole (DTH) drill rigs offer the highest mobility, a smaller footprint and the ability to serve multiple quarry application sites.  Equipped with powerful down-the-hole hammers, down the hole rigs are designed for high-capacity rock drilling in quarries, opencast mines and rock excavation projects.

The Leopard series of DTH drill rigs are new generation down-the-hole drill rigs, designed for large and medium-sized quarries and contractors. They match perfectly with 5″ hammers, making the rigs exceptionally productive while keeping fuel consumption and operating costs to a minimum.

  • Great usability, efficient rig operation and an unobstructed component layout come as a standard.
  • The Leopard series drills can stand up to any task, including production drilling, quarry/mine development and wall control.

Sandvik offers a wide variety of exceedingly productive and reliable mining jumbos and mining development drill rigs for applications ranging from face drilling for small-scale mine development to large-scale tunneling.  With a combination of efficient rock drills, robust booms and advanced controls, these machines will prove equal to the most challenging requirements

Sandvik tunneling jumbos come with a special modular design that makes these machines flexible and versatile.  The machines ensure high productivity and reliability whether you’re using them for fast face drilling or mechanized long-hole drilling and bolting.

Recognizing that tunneling projects require deep knowledge and years of experience in underground construction and a proper range of equipment that works whenever and wherever needed, Sandvik has the honour of being selected as the first choice of customers, working for decades with various tunneling projects around the world, creating cutting-edge technology to serve them with the best solutions for their applications.

Furthermore, as the only manufacturers in the business with our own underground R&D Center,  we aim to become the most intelligible forerunners in the tunneling equipment industry.

Electrically powered, track-mounted Continuous Miners from Sandvik are designed to cut coal and soft minerals in a continuous process, eliminating the need for drilling and blasting.  Sandvik design engineers focus on health and safety as well as the total cost of ownership to create highly productive and reliable continuous mining solutions.

  • Continuous miners are typically used for full-scale production in room-and-pillar mining operations.
  • The flameproof design of these machines is certified according to national regulations, such as MSHA (USA), SANS (South Africa) and DGMS (India).

Sandvik Roadheaders are equipped with powerful, geometrically optimized cutter heads, which are designed for excavating roadways, tunnels and other underground caverns continuously without using explosives.  These electro-hydraulic machines cause no harmful vibrations and are ideal for mining coal and other soft rock minerals.

Key Benefits

  • A major strength of Sandvik Roadheaders for mining lies in the fact that Sandvik also develops and manufactures productive and durable cutting tools for these machines.
  • Better tools and less frequent tool changes translate into direct improvements in productivity, cost-per-tonne efficiency, maintenance costs and energy efficiency.