• Introduction

  • Based in Italy, Carmix is the number one off road, self loading concrete mixer in the world.  The machine is designed for easy use and ideal for producing and distributing concrete at the most difficult sites, in the most congested traffic or on the remotest islands or tunnels in the mountains.
  • To fulfill the commitment of always offering cutting-edge products, Carmix has a highly skilled design office where sub-suppliers are selected carefully and products are built according to the highest standards and tested thoroughly to serve customers with the greatest care.  This mode of operations has proved as a model of success for Carmix as it has awarded them the satisfaction of thousands of companies and government agencies that use Carmix self loading concrete mixer machines, with truly great results.
  • In a market characterized by generalist firms, Carmix is a highly specialized company that offers unbeatable quality. Its 100% European production confirms that the entire supply chain is strictly controlled, offering the highest product standards that guarantee reliability and performance.
  • Carmix has proved as the ideal solution for producing high-quality concrete with low costs at work sites spread over 152 countries for almost over four decades.
  • Constant positive feed-back from the end-users coupled with solid expertise has enabled Carmix to evolve continually and for developing operating solutions that today act as an example of success to the building sector and construction sites worldwide.


Off-Road Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

These machines are especially engineered for off-road operations to let you work with confidence and comfort in every kind of terrain.

Bi-Directional Dumper (for underground working)

Engineered for off-road operations, the Bi-Directional Dumper guarantees maximum safety of the operator.

Success Stories

  • Supply of Volvo Pipelayers to SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Co.), Karachi, PAK

13 Units of pipelayers were supplied to the SSGC in 2015-16 – We introduced Volvo Pipelayers for the first time in Pakistan after convincing the customer purely on the basis of productivity, fuel economy and overall low cost of the pipe-laying operation.

  • Supply of Excavators to Sardar M. Ashraf D Bad Baloch, Karachi, PAK

40 Units of excavators were supplied during 2015-2016 to Sardar M.Ashraf D Bad Baloch for their Canal projects in Sindh and Baluchistan.

  • Supply of Wheel Loaders to PIBTL (Pakistan Int’l Bulk Terminal Ltd.), Karachi, PAK

13 Units of Wheel Loaders were supplied to PIBTL during 2016-17 for their new facility at Port Qasim for bulk handling of coal and clinker.