The Volvo Construction Equipment story began over 180 years ago in Eskilstuna, Sweden when three men, Johan Theofron Munktell and the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder laid the foundation for Volvo Construction Equipment. Over the years, through mergers and acquisitions, as well as in-house development and organic growth, the company became one of the major global construction equipment manufacturers.
Today, Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) is an ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental care) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health & safety) certified company that reigns supreme among the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality construction equipment including articulated haulers, rigid haulers, wheel loaders, excavation equipment, compact construction equipment, road development machines, Pipe-laying equipment, material handling equipment for construction and related industries.

Products & Services

  • Volvo- The Brand that comes with a Promise

    When you choose a Volvo product for your projects, you are not only acquiring world-class equipment, you are also gaining access to full support from us. You can choose from a range of additional services, specifically designed for our machines, allowing you to multiply your profitability manifold.
    Our products come with a set of unique and meaningful features, but more importantly, they all share one thing in common – the Volvo brand – the hallmark of our commitment to being the best suppliers of construction equipment in the industry.

  • Unrivaled Superior Quality

    We know how important it is for you to have a product that not only keeps on doing its job throughout the day, but also keeps on doing so for many years. That is why our machines are developed and tested for the toughest working conditions. Since Volvo manufactures their products in their own facilities, they have full control over the quality of each and every component, including their renowned range of engines and cabs developed in-house. This is how Volvo makes sure you get the perfect combination of high productivity and lowest total cost of ownership.

  • We care about You and your Business

    We want our customers to be successful as their satisfaction and achievement spells our win. To achieve this triumphant equation, we make sure to provide you with full support from day one. Our responsive aftermarket staff is always at your service, committed to keeping you up and running without costly delays, because we know what difference this makes to your business.
    As a Volvo customer, you are welcome to our extensive range of services for improved fuel efficiency, uptime, productivity and safety. These services include everything from specialized software and advanced trainings to complete service agreements and financial services developed by people who understand your business.

Product Range – Volvo Construction Equipment

Our crawler excavators are the ultimate digging tool, designed to deliver long lasting performance, strength, power and fuel efficiency. You can depend on the machine for quarrying, mining, road building, civil engineering, general construction and more.

Key Benefits of the Crawler Excavators

  • Volvo Engine: Our reliable and durable engines boost power while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions while delivering superior quality performance.
  • Eco Mode: Our unique ECO mode improves fuel efficiency under most operating conditions without any loss of performance.
  • Single Module Cooler: The radiator, charged air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler are situated side-by-side in a single layer to maximize efficiency, reduce blockages and aid cleaning.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface): All machine interfaces are ergonomically positioned and designed for optimum control and efficiency.
  • Volvo Cabin: Volvo is offering best cabin in the industry by providing supreme climate control offering maximum comfort to the operator
  • Reinforced Undercarriages: The undercarriage components are reinforced to ensure long life, high uptime and ultimate durability in tough conditions.

Our flexible wheeled excavators bear the capacity of working on-road or off-road as the versatile machines allow you to switch between the attachments required. You can travel at high speeds in the comfort of your Volvo cab resting assured that fuel-efficient engines and well-matched components deliver top power and low-emissions for environmental care.

Volvo Wheel Loaders are your best bet whether you use them for quarrying, aggregates, block handling, material handling, civil and building construction, recycling or waste handling. The most versatile machines on your job site, the wheel loaders will dig, move and load more profits for your enterprise.

Key Benefits of the Wheel Loaders

Volvo Engine: Our reliable and durable engines delivering required power on low engine RPMs lead to best fuel economy and superior quality performance.

  • Best matched Power train: Volvo’s exclusively designed engine, transmission and axle provide perfect synergy – ensuring optimized performance.
  • Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS):Always selects the ideal gear by sensing engine / travel speed, kick down, engine breaking resulting in more efficient work cycles with less wear and lower fuel consumption.
  • Volvo Care Cabin: Volvo Care-cab is industry standard, having maximum visibility with intelligent climate control system ad ergonomically designed for maximum comfort to the operator. FOPS/ROPS certified, low internal noise, ample storage and vibration protection are other features of Volvo Care Cabin
  • Volvo Contronics system:Warns the operator in time, provides troubleshoots for service technician, monitors fuel consumption, cycle times and service intervals
  • Some unique feature leads to maximum productivity and fuel efficiency

Volvo offers you a full line of radial or vertical lift Skid Steer Loaders to enhance your profitability. Each machine is compatible with a wide range of Volvo attachments for hauling earth, cutting trenches, digging postholes, palletizing material or breaking concrete.

Volvo Steer Loaders will not let you down even though you put them through a lot each day because our products ensure the kind of durability and performance that you can count on.

Key Benefits of Volvo Skid Steer Loaders

  • Loader Design: The single loader arm design showcases durable performance, improved visibility and enhanced side-entry cab access.
  • Attachments: You get excellent economy and ease of operations with an all Volvo Skid Steer Loader.
  • Service Access: You get simple and safe access to all service and maintenance areas with a forward-tilting cab and a large rear-compartment door.

Furnished with superior drum widths, our high frequency (vibratory) asphalt compactors help produce high performance and faster rolling speeds. Whether you’re working on a highway or a small street project, the asphalt compactors will essentially offer a wide range of options to maximize your productivity.

Key Features of Volvo Asphalt Compactors

  • Adaptive Power: Thanks to the eco-mode and auto-idling features, the engine output adjusts itself automatically according to job site requirements wherein power is delivered only when needed for optimum performance and efficiency.
  • 360 degrees Visibility: With an optimally positioned sliding seat, angled drum mounts and a sloping hood design, the operator has an all-around visibility. Rolling forward or in reverse, the operator has a clear view of the drum edges and surroundings – delivering precise compaction and improved safety.
  • Drum Vibration System: While improving performance, Volvo’s new and unique drum vibration system design reduces vibration system start-up power consumption by 50%. This allows the roller to operate more effectively even at high altitudes.
  • Water Spraying System: The industry-leading automatic drum wetting system provides uniform coverage with variable flow preventing material pick-up for reduced downtime. Features include primary and backup pumps, spray bars, nozzles, triple filtration and drum wipers.

With over 75 years of proven paving technology combined with Volvo’s renowned innovative engineering, safety and global support support, our asphalt pavers are equipped with high-performance features that reduce maintenance expenditure, lower operating costs while boosting productivity.

Put asphalt pavers in your fleet and be flag-bearers of tomorrow’s industry standards as we offer first class paving equipment backed by first-class dealer support for your projects’ success.

Key Benefits of Volvo Asphalt Pavers

  • Volvo Powertrain: Volvo’s pavers feature Volvo designed and built Powertrain components which work in synergy, offering unrivalled durability and performance for increased uptime, longer component life and high fuel efficiency.
  • Screed Efficiency: The Volvo designed screed heats up evenly and quickly up to three degrees every minute. This provides improved fuel efficiency and faster start up time. The robust screed design produces a consistent, high quality mat that increases productivity.
  • Operator Platform Visibility: The operator has full and unhampered visibility around the paver, hopper, auger channel and screed for a clearer view, increasing performance and the quality of paving.

Our revolutionary line of excavator-based pipelayers gives our Oil and Gas Pipeline contractors a new lift. From pipe yard to trench, our pipelayers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions. This level of competence is not just limited to the OIl and Gas industry.

The major innovations for the range of Volvo pipelayers include a 360° swing capability from an excavator-based design, delivering greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities. These machines also offer enhanced versatility, with the option of being conveniently converted from a pipelayer to an excavator.

Key Benefits of Volvo Pipelayers

Load Management System: Utilizing wireless sensors, the Load Management System allows operators to see what they can safely pick up relative to the slope.

  • Best In Class: Superior lifting capacity and stability make our pipelayers the most productive and safe machines for the job.
  • Easy Conversion: With the optional digging equipment, the pipelayers quickly and easily convert from rotating pipelayers to excavators.
  • Four Bar Cab Riser: When elevated, the unique four bar cab riser system provides excellent visibility to the worksite and into the trench.
  • 360 Degrees Swing: The excavator based design enables the upper structure to swing 360◦ providing you with infinite pipe placement possibilities.

The very concept of articulated haulers was conceived and developed by none other than Volvo Construction Equipment around the globe. To this day, we remain the indisputable leaders of articulated hauling in the most demanding conditions, terrains and applications. From quarrying, mining and tunneling to earthmoving, material and waste handling, Volvo articulated haulers get your jobs done without fail, everyday – in accordance with the highest performance standards.

Key Benefits of Volvo Articulated Haulers

  • Fuel Efficiency: Powered by the world-renowned Volvo engines, our haulers deliver excellent fuel efficiency without compromising on working power or performance.
  • Productivity: More more tonnes per hour and derive a 100% under all conditions.
  • Pure Uptime: Designed for heavy hauling is severe off-road operations, the haulers’ long service life, quality, reliability and durability is everything you can expect from a Volvo product.