Training & Application Engineering:

Your equipment constitute large capital investment in your business perhaps the largest; so it’s wise to ensure that you’re getting the maximum return on your investment and that too with due regards to safety and environment. Every piece of equipment is different, even the most experienced operators and technical team will require familiarization. Recognizing this dynamics and as part of its commitment to develop operator and technical skills, VPL offers the following value added services:

Operator / Driver Training:

Our professional trainers are available to train your operators in-house and on the site. This training is provided each time there is a change in the operator. The training covers the following aspects:

  • General orientation of equipment and its displays
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Daily walk around procedures

  • Technical Training:

    Various be-spoke trainings can be prepared to suit requirement. Please contact us for more details.

    Application Engineering:

    Whether it is a generator, compressor, truck or construction equipment; the equipment has to be best suited for its application. Incorrect use of equipment will result in excessive fuel consumption and consequently higher operating cost; it may also lead to accidents.

    To ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate, economical and safe solution, our Application Engineering team conducts on-site studies and provides technical recommendations on equipment selection.

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