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Volvo Set to Transform Inter City Bus Travel


VPL Limited, the authorized distributor of Volvo Buses in Pakistan has introduced Volvo B11R to set a new dimension to intercity bus travel. Volvo B11R comes with highly fuel efficient engine that cuts operating cost and Volvo´s quality standards combine functionality with passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.


With the introduction of Volvo B11R, VPL is set to transform industry standards both for the travelling public and long distance bus operators in Pakistan. Volvo B11R is indeed welcome news for bus operators looking for enhanced profitability through year on year operational reliability, economy and passenger preference. Daewoo Express, the country´s leading bus operator has already placed an order for ten Volvo B11R´s, with the first bus expected to arrive in the middle of March.


The Volvo B11R has industry leading credentials to appeal to bus operators and passengers alike. It is powered by the tried and tested, fuel efficient 370 HP, D11A engine, which is married to Volvo´s exclusive I-Shift, 12-speed automated mechanical transmission with 4 reverse gears. The absence of a clutch pedal enables automatic, seamless shifting through the gears, making driving easier and helping to reduce driver workload and fatigue. Driver comfort and more importantly, fuel efficiency is further enhanced by the Cruise Control feature enabling the vehicle to run at constant speeds.


The Volvo B11R is an excellent all round choice and a good example of Volvo´s famed global leadership in automotive engineering technology and design excellence; attributes that have made Volvo synonymous with enhanced on-road reliability, less downtime, economic operation, and proven passenger safety and comfort.


The Volvo B11R´s streamlined coach work comes from Marcopolo, one of the world´s largest bus and coach manufacturers with a global foot print. It is designed to seat 45 passengers in the lap of Super Soft seats. Seating is available in the 2x2 or 2x1 configuration, with a wide middle aisle to ensure ease of access and movement.


All in all the new Volvo B11R makes great business sense for bus operators looking for economy and reliability that directly translates into better profitability.

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